Huntington Meats owner Jim Cascone has been slicing meats since he was only eight years old behind the counter in his grandparents’ meat store in Chicago. His passion for procuring fine meats, creating innovative offerings, and serving his beloved customers is unparalleled.

Jim has owned and managed Huntington Meats since 2000 with great care, integrity, and a deep appreciation for his craft. As soon as you meet Jim, you can tell he’s an incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated food service professional—everyone’s “go-to-guy” for quality meats and advice on how to best prepare them … and perhaps even a little “life advice” thrown in every now and then!

Jim is very close to many of his customers and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for everyone who visits Huntington Meats at the Original Farmer’s Market located at Third and Fairfax in Los Angeles.