Jon "Hollywood" Escobedo
Jon “Hollywood” Escobedo

Q.  How long have you been working in the biz?

A.  31 years.

Q.  How long have you worked for Huntington Meats?

A.  Eight years.

Q.  What’s your favorite type/cut of meat?

A.  It’s gotta be the Porterhouse.

Q.  What’s your favorite way to cook/grill that cut?

A.  Can’t beat a Porterhouse on the grill.

Q.  Rare, medium rare, medium, well or well done… and why?

A.  Rare, of course. Much juicier and tastier.

Q.  Any favorite seasoning secrets or cooking tips to share?

A.  Seasoning doesn’t matter as much as starting with quality product.

Q.  Where and what will we find you doing on your day off?

A.  Cooking… and drinking beer!

Q.  If you could enjoy dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be and where?

A.  Easy answer: Ronald Reagan.

“Hollywood” is proud of his five kids Tiffany, Gina, Jon, Carlos, and ‘Lil Cat. He lives in La Puente with his girlfriend Cat.